How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats between iOS & Android


WhatsApp is an app that lets you connect with anyone, anywhere through video and audio chat. This revolutionary service has become the most popular way to share photos in today’s society! You can use WhatsApp for communicating across large distances or small groups of friends. it doesn’t matter how many people want access.

When you want to get rid of your old Android and join another mobile phone like iPhone. The first thing that comes into mind is how to transfer data from one mobile device to another. The best and easy way to transfer data with this software is mentioned below. The name of this toolkit is Wondershare Dr.Fone-WhatsApp message transfer software! 

Many people want to know how they move their mobile data and Whatsapp messages from one mobile device to another. And they also want how to transfer from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. Here is a simple and easy way to transfer your data from android to iPhone with this tool kit.

What is Dr.Fone?

What is Dr.Fone?

Dr.fone is a WonderShare product that can be installed on your computer and smartphone to recover deleted data. You can save all kinds of information from smartphones into computers or other devices such as Smartphones. WonderShare company has created many useful toolkits in order for people like you to have easy access when performing tasks at home.
 For example, they’ve developed one called “Dr.Fone” where I was able to install the program onto my own laptop with no problem whatsoever! With the help of this software, I manage my mobile data, messages, apps, etc. 

WhatsApp data have transferred from one mobile device to another, whether the phone is Android or iPhone. You might also want to unlock your smartphone and repair it if needed! 

Dr.Fone software is Free?

 As far as the freeness of this software is concerned, I would like to make it clear that you have access through an online platform. This means there are no limits on how long you can use before having buy-in into purchasing more features from the Wondershare website.

Dr.Fone is a reliable software?

 Wondershare is a well-known company that designs software to make your smartphone more efficient. I use the apps of this innovative firm and can tell you with confidence that its products are reliable, safe to transfer data.

Wondershare Dr.fone Pros

  • Dr.fone is a suitable tool for new and old mobile devices coming into the market.
  • It’s ranked the highest recovery rate in the racket.
  • It lets you select the data you want to recover.
  • Before you can recover your data, you can view and check this data through this app and then recover.
  • WhatsApp can also save chats, videos, and audio files to your computer and transfer them from one mobile device to another.
  • If you have forgotten the code or pattern for locking your mobile phone, you can unlock this pattern or code with the help of this software.
  • In addition to purchasing this software, you also get 24/7 online support if the software does not work properly.

Transfer WhatsApp data with Wondershare Dr.Fone-WhatsApp Transfer software


If you want to transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android mobile device onto an iPhone, follow the instructions below. It will only take minutes and is incredibly easy! With this process in place, all of those precious memories can be saved for life on another phone or tablet as well – no need to worry about losing them again because they’re always with us whether through phones or computers nowadays.

Step 01: In the first step you have to buy this software and install “Wondershare Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer” from their official website so that we can proceed with our transfer process. Once get this toolkit onto your computer follow these simple steps: 

WhattsApp Data Transfer

Step 2: After installing and launching this software on your computer, you will get an option of WhatsApp Transfer in the front window. Clicking it takes users through a process that enables them to transfer all their messages from one phone number to another instantly!

whattsapp data transfer

Step 03: At this stage, when you click on the WhatsApp transfer option then it says to connect your mobile device. Then you can connect both your Android & iPhone mobile devices to your computer with the help of data cables so that transfer WhatsApp chats from one mobile device to another.


Step 04: You’ve made it! Now, in the fourth step of this process, you will be asked if you just want to transfer chatting or also videos and images from one mobile device onto another. If all goes well then when they say “transfer complete,” both phones should show that data has successfully been copied over.
Now here you just disconnect both of your mobile devices from the computer and check to make sure everything transfer successfully completed. 

Final Thoughts

Wondershare’s Doctor Phone Toolkit is a powerful tool that can do many things for you. This article gives an overview of the features, utilities, and benefits associated with this software as well as tells users how to transfer WhatsApp data from one smartphone device onto another using it! I hope this was helpful in learning about what these applications have available at your disposal – they are perfect tools if ever needed.

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