Android 12 Is Released Now, Here Are Some of the Latest Highlights

Google has officially launched Android 12 on the Pixel phone a few days ago. Users using 6 Pixels and 6 Pixels Pro mobile devices can now use the Android 12 operating system on their mobile phones by updating. Many features have been upgraded in Android 12 and the privacy of your mobile data has also been taken into consideration.

The Android 12 OS has changed dramatically over the years. Now that you’ve upgraded this operating system to your Pixel mobile, you’ll get news of improved battery performance, customized color plates, and the latest notifications with the help of this new Android 12 OS.

Best Features in Android 12

Best Features in Android 12

Android 12 has been introduced in the market with the best and excellent features, by using these features you will get a new look on your mobile. Brief information about these new and improved features is shared below.

  • Privacy Feature for your Apps
  • Notifications can be Redesign 
  • Customized color themes for Your Phones
  • Double Tap Option Available
  • Manage Your Recycle bin

Privacy Feature for your Apps

Google is adding many new features to your application and your privacy in Android 12. Now your Privacy Dashboard, introduced in Android 12, will help you pick up a variety of apps to carry your personal information. It even prevents your camera and microphone from running in the background apps.

Notifications can be Redesign

In Android 12, Google is designing incoming notifications in a more functional and modern way, to further enhance the interaction between the user and the mobile phone. When a notification arrives on your smartphone and you click on it, it will take you directly to the notification app where you will be able to get complete information regarding that notification. With Android 12, every application on your mobile phone will run faster and faster.

Customized color themes for Your Phones

Android 12 has done a lot of work on the color and display of your mobile screen. When you select your smartphone theme, it gives you complete freedom to update and change the color of your smartphone screen, lock screen, notifications, widgets, and notifications display color and font style with different colors. provides.

Double Tap Option Available

Another new feature has been launched with Android 12 which gives you the freedom to tap the back of the Android phone multiple times, with this feature you can repeatedly activate your favorite activities on the smartphone. Once you set this action to your liking, it will show you a list of actions that will take place on your mobile phone, which you can easily set. These include taking selfies or shots with the camera, playing or blocking media, Google Assistant, and more.

Manage Your Recycle bin

According to XDA Developers, Google has a great hidden feature in Android 12 that is related to Recycle Bin / Trash, with which you can also manage your deleted material. This allows you to peek into your trash can to see how much space your mobile phone is occupying, and when the time comes, you can permanently delete or restore the contents of the trash can.

Final Thoughts

Android 12 is Google’s recently released operating system for smartphones. Android 12 will drastically change the look of your smartphone and many times better than before. This operating system has a lot of features that were probably not present in the previous operating system, I have already mentioned some of the features and I hope you will understand and use Android 12. ۔ This operating system is currently only introduced in smartphones like Pixel 3, but in the future Android 12 will also be introduced in smartphones like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, etc., which will then be easily accessible to users all over the world.

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